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Starting Your Plastic Free Journey and What I Did First

Where to start ?

When I first decided that I wanted to live a plastic free/zero waste life I began to look around the rooms in my house at what I could change without spending a fortune, and if you know me personally you’ll know that I love to make lists, give me a scrap piece of paper and i’ll write a list on it.

The first room on my list was the kitchen. I’ll talk about this room to begin with on this post and then talk you through other rooms in the next post.

What went on my list ?

  • Drinks bottle
  • Coffee cup
  • Tea strainer and loose tea
  • Shopping bags
  • Terracycle group (I’ll tell you about this further down the post)

It doesn’t seem like a massive list but I didn’t want to overwhelm myself  by writing a huge list and failing before I even start. I already had a drinks bottle  that I got bought by my lovely friend Elizabeth at work, its one of those infuser ones where you can put pieces of fruit in it, its for cold drinks which is great. As it was winter I did prefer one that I could use for a warm cup of tea (my other downfall, give me a cuppa any day) and I refused to buy a hot drink in a disposable cup. Where to find one, that was my next dilemma. I visited my local TK Maxx and found 2 one for Mr EGR and one for me. Yay we had started our on journey, (lets call it that) to plastic free. To be fair they were not very expensive at all and they’re still being used now. Mr EGR tends to use his more as he travels for a longer time than me. I use mine more when were going out.

My coffee cup is an ecoffee one in black, love the colour black I don’t know why. It doesn’t get used that often to be fair as I tend to always drink tea and forget to take it out. Hey I’m not perfect.

After endless tries to find loose tea that didn’t come in foil packaging I found PG Tips, yay and it tastes so good too. I purchased quite a few tea strainers if I’m being honest, ones that you swirl in your cup, ones that hang over the rim of your cup. I have my favourite one, sad I know but I do get attached to little things that work well for me.

Bags for life, oh I hate those plastic ones, strong word, maybe dislike, I don’t have any of them though so thats good, years ago I bought myself some hessian jute ones from Tescos, you know when everyone went mad over the Orla Kiely designs. I still use them to this day when shopping but prefer a small one for if I’m just going to get loose fruit and veg. Even though back in January 2018 there wasn’t much of a choice of the fruit and veg you could find plastic free to what there is now (I used to go to the greengrocers and market every Saturday morning). Anyway back to bag situation. I found turtle bags and how wonderful these are, so impressed with them and everyone comments when I use them (positively I hasten to add).

Last but not least Terracycle, What’s this ? I hear you ask. I can’t remember how I found out about this group, probably spent way too much time on Google and before you know it, you’ve found something and haven’t a clue how you found it. Anyway Terracycle is a website in the uk and the US helping people and companies eliminate waste, well the things that you cant seem to recycle (coffee capsules, pens etc).  It is basically is trying to help by not sending waste to landfill. It offers collection programmes. I joined the cracker and biscuit wrapper recycling programme. (because we all know you cant recycle biscuit wrappers). Im trying not to eat biscuits one because of the plastic but also they seem to contain palm oil. I have found a biscuit in Aldi that is palm oil free in a box but the biscuits come wrapped and in a black tray. Heres the link should you want to have a look for yourself and see what it is all about.

Thats a quick round up of how I started, catch you all soon


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As the website has been live for about a month I thought I best introduce myself and let you know a little bit more about me , the person behind Eco green revolution. My name is Suzanne and I run Eco green revolution. This isn’t my full time job, I work in a preschool educating 3 and 4 year olds and I run this online store in my spare time.

Just before January 2018 I began an instagram page some of you may remember as @sustainable.suzanne. This was started out of my passion for plastic free alternatives, and I thought New Year, New start, yeah I know corny New years resolutions but this time it felt different. I wanted them to be achievable yet something that I would be proud of.

Instagram for me has been a great platform to build up insta buddies and find like minded people who believe in the same ethos as myself. I see so many different people from around the world all trying to eliminate plastics from their lives, I get inspired and I hope that I inspire people too. I have found that I have become more aware of the environment and want to get more involved. I have a particularly passion and love for Orangutans and had one adopted for me for my birthday.

By spring 2018 I had really only found 2 plastic free/zero waste stores which were online that I had purchased from. So I began to think of what I could do to also help others to begin their plastic free journeys. It wasn’t until April 2018 when I actually believed that I too could run my own online business. Now the hard part came, I don’t have an IT background but with a little help and lots of patience Eco green was born. I am still in the very early stages of doing this and some times I do think what on earth am I doing, but I want to succeed and and want to be able to provide my customer base with as many plastic free alternatives I can find.

If there are any products you think I may like, or something you would like me to stock then please do get in touch.

Catch you soon