Soya Wax Food Wraps – Zebra Print set of 3


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Soya Wax Food Wraps – Zebra Print set of 3

Vegan soya wax wraps by Eco kiddles are a sustainable alternative to clingfilm. They keep your food fresh for longer.
These have been made with 100% cotton and the finest 100% vegan soya wax making them very eco-friendly.
Using these wraps help keep food fresh without the nasty toxins associated with plastic food wraps. They are functional and sustainable – used correctly can last up to a year.
These are handmade by Eco Kiddles who work with other small businesses to supply goods to ensure only the finest natural organic and recycled products are used.

What’s included in your set

There are 3 different sized square wraps
1 large square – approx 12in x 12in
1 medium square – approx 10in x 10in
1 small square – approx 9in x 7in

How to use

Avoid heat. Wash in cool water with a mild dish soap. Allow to air dry before folding or using again.
As soya wax is softer than beeswax we advise these wraps are used to wraps foods in for example – sandwiches, cheese, fruits and vegetables, for a more sealant style for around bowls please see beeswax wraps.

Why choose Eco kiddles

Handmade in the UK
Sustainably sourced
Plastic free
Zero waste

Additional information

Weight 41 g