Unbleached Multi-Purpose Cleaning Cloths


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Unbleached multi -purpose cleaning cloths (set of 3)

These cleaning cloths are made from unbleached cotton. They are an eco alternative to using kitchen roll (paper towels) in-fact they can be used anywhere in the home making them multi purpose. This also makes them zero waste as well as being plastic free. These cleaning cloths are an eco friendly option, cutting down on kitchen towels being sent to landfill and once you’ve finished using them completely you can pop them into your compost bin as they 100% compostable.

Using a plant based cleaner will help to conserve the life of the fabric but they are suitable for use with most cleaners You will receive 3 identical cloths in a pack

The size is as follows:
Width : 20cm / 8 in
Height : 20cm / 8 in

How to look after your cleaning cloths

These cloths are easy to wash just pop them in the washing machine, they can go with your usual load and when finished dry flat. The fabrics that conscious fibres use have all been preshrunk at 60 C / 140 F in a plant-based detergent but it is best to wash all items before use in case of allergies.

Why Choose Conscious Fibres

Handmade in Derbyshire UK
They are passionate about zero waste and producing plastic free alternatives
Items are compostable/biodegradable
Eco conscious

Other Information

Every item handmade by Conscious Fibres is made only of fibres that can be either composted (For best results in composting cut any of our items up into little pieces and only compost the unbleached products if you use your compost for food ) or that can be sent to a textile recycler for a chance at a second life as something else.



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Weight 69 g